In the moonlight a worm/ silently/ drills through a chestnut - Basho

Beginning again. 

It can't seem strange to anyone that's had some experience of me that i might try something new, on my own, and see what happens. Once the experience of entrepreneurship gets the scent of your skin, it will find you anywhere. So i have decided to surrender (as if i would ever refuse) to the most authentic version of self that i know, which is my own enthusiasm for teaching, healing, making and exploring the world immediately around me. Wild Heart Solutions is exactly that, a platform for all of those things that i can share with whomever might be interested in following me here. My intention is to write about exactly what inspires me, things that i am passionate about, when i am passionate about them, as well as current projects or the sparkle of a project yet to be developed. Who knows? Blogs are funny like that -- they are a signal flare right though an audience that is choosing you over and over again and there's a good chance that you all have at least one or two things in common. Maybe i'll hit on something good, maybe you'll want to reach back, maybe a conversation will develop, maybe something will come to life, and the process continues. I've always believed that better things happen in collaboration and this is no different.

I am proof that change is constant. I fantasize constantly about a world of success that itself changes almost daily. The funny thing is that right now, every day feels like a success of regaining the things that got away over the last 9 years - relationships, hobbies, my house, self care, food, it's taken me officially 4 months to finally get to a point where i am getting comfortable being still, or rather, a bit slower paced then before. I am remembering myself. It's both a comforting and revealing - a sort of adolescence. 

So the plans include....and we'll see how they flesh out...teaching a few classes (mostly new ones), offering a few more services to small business owners (because i have paid for an education in experience, that's for sure), and to maybe launch a product or two this fall. Of course, this is all wishful thinking, but i am nothing if not hopeful. Belligerently so, it's damn near rejuvenating most of the time. ha! Truth is that i really do believe this:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

― Howard Thurman 

As silly as that may sound to you all, i've got the first scents of fresh dirt and i want to share.