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8/29 Culturing Dairy: Kefir, Creme Fraiche, Yogurt

8/29 Culturing Dairy: Kefir, Creme Fraiche, Yogurt


Cultured Dairy is a delicous way to not only extend the life of your dairy, but also make it more digestible, by making it probitoic. These varying degrees and styles of sour are delicious additions to smoothies, salads, desserts and make great snacks on their own too. In this class students will learn the basics of culturing kefir, creme fraiche and yogurt enough to make these at home and understand the differences between them and the personalities of the bacterias involved. We will discuss care of cultures, kinds of dairy, sourcing and troubleshooting your results. Students will take home some basic cultures too.

Class will be held at Indie Cottage on SE Hawthorne

August 29 6-8pm

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