Dr & the Chef talk about Bone Broth
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Dr & the Chef talk about Bone Broth

Chef Tressa Yellig, of Wild Heart Solutions, (previously of Salt, Fire & Time) and Dr. Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz, of our local Slow Food Chapter, are partnering for our first “Doctor and the Chef” gathering. For this first event, we’ll be discussing the benefits of Bone Broth. Bone Broth has a long history as a health supportive food and beverage in cultures around the world and is getting a lot of attention recently as a panacea for rebuilding the gut. We’ll go over all the benefits of why this is such an important part of a healthy diet as well as taste what’s out there and show you how to make it at home. Bring your questions and we’ll offer all the answers we can about how this simple food is actually a very sophisticated and delicious pantry staple for encouraging optimal health and wellness.

Slow Food is a global non-profit, founded in Italy in 1989 to counteract the culture of fast food. Slow food brings the pleasure of taste, the rich history of tradition, the diversity of culture, and the concern for food production together to form a unique food movement. 

Wild Heart Solutions offers creative solutions for companies that want to change the way we eat. 

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